MCCB - Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
MCB - Miniature Circuit Breakers
RCCB - Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Hager electrical products from Eleczo

Why have hope on Hager electricals?

Hager is a German company which provides electrical installations, solutions and services for commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Its extension services also includes security systems, building automation and cable management. The brand known for its quality, supplies electrical goods and equipment worldwide.

Need of electrical equipment

Electrical equipment are not only used to fulfil a particular purpose but also creates signals and capture responses from the electronic devices. Switchgears are used to control and protect the equipment. Other wiring devices are used for the day to day utility serving a specified purpose.

Hager electricals from Eleczo

Elczo is the online dealers and suppliers of electrical products. They are the wholesalers and distributors of all varieties of electricals online. Buy Hager electricals today from Eleczo as it meets the customer requirement.
Have a look at the inventory record of Hanger Electricals from Eleczo:

Low Voltage Switchgears

  • MCCB
  • MCB
  • Changeover switches
  • RCCB
  • RCBO

Distribution products

  • Distribution boards

Wiring devices

  • Switches
  • Sockets
  • TV Outlets
  • Concealed Boxes
  • Cover Plates

Specifications of Hager electricals:

  • h3 model of 3, 4 poles of MCCBs of isolator and O/L, S/C protection type with the current 16A to 40A specifications are available.
  • AC MCB of B, C, D curves with the poles 1 to 4 of current rating 0.5A to 4A, having breaking capacity of 6kA, 10kA and voltage of 230V AC, 415V AC are in stock.
  • Manual and hinged door box switches of various features are in operation.
  • 2 and 4 poles AC type RCBO of 30mA to 300mA tripping sensitivity, having rated voltage of 240V AC and rated current from 6A to 25A are transacted.
  • Distribution boards of vertical, horizontal, flexi and tier types having single door and double doors of plain, acrylic of multiple rows and modules and IP protection are sold.
  • Wiring devices from 1 to 8 modules of red, glossy white and other colours, each device having its own specification and features are transacted.

Why trust on Eleczo?

  • Online retailers of electrical products
  • Timely dispatch and delivery
  • Online assistance and discussions on the electrical products
  • Availability of variety of products at reasonable prices
  • Multiple payment methods and benefits
  • Order in bulk and pay on credit
  • Order tracking and contract rating