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Durable and High-quality TDK Epcos Products

Why TDK Epcos products?

TDK Epcos is a reputable manufacturer, authorized supplier and trader of electrical components, modules and systems. Whether you need an APP Capacitor, AgriCap, PhaseCap, PhiCap or SquareCap you can choose Epcos.

Eleczo – Your first choice for TDK Epcos products

At Eleczo, we offer a wide range of TDK Epcos products at highly competitive prices. From relays to control gear and signaling devices, we have got it all covered for you. No matter what your electrical component requirement may be, we can provide you with all that you need.

Our aim is to provide you with top-quality products and reliable services. We have an exclusive range of high-quality and guaranteed products to provide you with at unbelievable prices.

We offer TDK Epcos products in the following options:

1) Control gear and signaling devices

2) Capacitors and reactors

  • AC MFD Capacitors – We have 80 varieties of AC MFD Capacitors in different designs and specifications in our stock for you to choose from. These capacitors can be used in lighting fixtures, motors, pumps, fans, compressors, generators and refrigerators.
  • Power Capacitors – We have 378 varieties of products under this category. Power capacitors are used to correct power-factor lag or phase shift in alternating current (AC) power supplies.
  • Detuned Filter Reactors – We stock 181 varieties of Detuned Filter Reactors products. Detuned Reactors help in preventing harmonic amplification caused due to resonance. They avoid the risk of overloading capacitors, by significantly reducing voltage and current harmonic distortion.

3) Relays

  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay – We stock 14 products with different specifications and models under this category.

Why Eleczo for TDK Epcos products?

  • We offer Order On Credit facility wherein you don’t require to pay every time you buy from us
  • We offer you Rate Contract where you can buy particular TDK Epcos products at the same price over a specified period of time
  • If you buy a product from us, we will make sure that the product is delivered to your doorstep at your convenient time. We offer multiple payment facility for you to choose from, including net banking and card payment.
  • Being one of the leading electrical product suppliers, distributors and wholesalers for TDK Epcos products in India, we not only stock top-quality, durable and advanced technology products but also aim to provide an excellent customer service.
  • Alongside providing you with only genuine products and services, we also offer you an easy ordering facility.