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Complete touch confirmation structure, with assistance of terminal cover, source separator and between stage hindrances Surely terminals give clear access to all terminals from the front, guaranteeing simplicity of end. The license flawlessly focus component empowers the client to flip between focal or side situations for the working handle. This can be effectively changed over on location as required Multi included working handle: Exceptional flip-capable handle for rating 400 Amp and above which empowers the client to work the switch with two hands Arrangement for locking position with three latches Annihilation include in both ON states and auto reclamation of board entryway. IP5 with expanded sort working handle C-line Give you a one of a kind arrangement of changeover Switches consolidating smallness with superior and Customer comfort, hence making C-line a best in class item in changeover innovation. The C-line go covers appraisals from 63A to 2000A in 6 casing sizes. Changeover Switches are accessible in open execution, Sheet steel fence area, intertwined adaptation (Suitable for DIN type combine – interface) and motorize Facility.

Fashion Magenta L&T Switchgear Electric products & it’s pricing

  • L&T 1 pole mcb
  • L&T 3 pole mccb - ₹17,550.00/-₹8,555.60/- Each
  • L&T 2 pole rccb - ₹2,830.00/-₹1,301.80/- Each
  • L&T 8amp hrc fuse - ₹102.00/-₹62.22/- Each
  • L&T 3amp auxiliary contactor - ₹1,060.00/-₹656.60/-Each
  • L&T 100ka mpcb - ₹2,975.00/-₹1,815.75/-Each
  • L&T capacitor contactor - ₹3,250.00/-₹1,917.50/-Each
  • L&T 70amp power contactor - ₹13,320.00/-₹8,391.60/-Each
  • L&T 18amp starter
  • L&T 10amp automatic star starter
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